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The highest quality game cart on the market, and drum roll please.....It's made in the USA! 




Designed and used by hunters like you, who were tired of buying mediocre carts that just didn't perform.  



  • All aluminum frame and handle for longevity 
  • WheelEZZ (TM) solid never-flat tire
  • Super strong stainless steel axles
  • Brush Deflectors for both directions of travel
  • Multiple strapping points
  • Foldable handle
  • Greasable bearings
  • Heavy duty stainless steel ratchet straps
  • Powder coated finish
  • 36lbs, 72"x27"x16" (72"L With handle open, 42"L with handle closed)



  • It's QUIET!!!!!
  • No Frills design allows for a lifetime of reliability
  • It can hold more than you can pull (Tested static with 600lbs+ load)
  • Floats long enough to recover it in the event it falls in the water (unloaded ~15 min)
  • Can haul 
    • Tree Stands
    • Canoes & Kayaks
    • Corn
    • Coolers
    • Carcasses
    • And More!



  • The frame sides are higher than the wheels allowing wide objects to be extended over the wheels when carried. Most cargo ends up rubbing the wheels, but not with the Gray Fox!
  • It has solid sides which keep animal legs/parts out of the tires.
  • Straps to the truck to make a ramp which allows game to be easily slid into the bed. (See video coming soon.)
  • Can haul coolers, firewood, and basically anything.
  • TIG-welded by American Craftsmen!
  • Multiple strapping points cut into the cart to easily secure a variety of loads.
  • Long ergonomic handle keeps your feet from getting hit by the cart and allows for the best balance when loads are being carried.
  • Axle design allows for a low center of gravity to prevent the cart from tipping over.
  • The sled-like design of the frame and fender sides allows the cart to cut through and ride over and through thickets and shrubs.
  • Deflectors on the front and rear push saplings and vines around the cart, preventing hang-ups, which are a common irritation of other carts.


Gray Fox Game Cart

SKU: M1130
$999.00 Regular Price
$899.00Sale Price
  • On all Gray Fox Carts we offer:

    • 30 Day money back guarantee - Click HERE for more details
    • 2-year warranty against defects - Click HERE for more details


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