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Frame Above Wheels

Frame Over Wheel Design

  • The frame of the Gray Fox was designed to rise above the wheels to prevent objects like animal legs, tree stands, and whatever else you put in it, from rubbing or getting stuck in the wheels.

  • Pulling large objects, like a kayak or a ladder stand is easy!                                                           

  • With SIXTEEN oversized, secure, strapping points, everything stays put.

Solid Sides

  • Having solid sides allows for the items in the cart to stay out of the rotation of the wheels. 

  • No more hooves, legs, necks, tails, or antlers getting stuck in the wheels.

Solid Sides

Brush Deflectors

  • When pulling forward or pushing in reverse, no sticks, vines or small trees will get caught between the wheels and the frame, causing a sudden stop or ​unwanted resistance while traveling in the woods.

  • The sled-like design creates blazing a path easy.

Brush Deflectors

Foldable Handle

  • Foldable handle for easy storage.

  • The long foldable handle allows for easy balancing of the load and keeps the heels out of the wheels.

  • Handle folds out of the way for transporting larger items on top of the cart.

Foldable Handle

Aluminum Construction




  • The body and handle are made of aluminum for a life long cart.

  • TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welded in the USA.

  • Lifetime warranty on all weld joints. 

Aluminum Constructin
NeverFlat Wheels

Never Flat Wheels

  • WheelEEZ tires have all the characteristics of air-filled tires, without the possibility of going flat. 

  • Polyurethane foamed wheels.

  • WheelEEZ tires have enough buoyancy to keep the cart afloat (~15min). 

Split Axle Design

  • Allows the cargo to ride at a point lower than the axles, creating an ultra-low center of gravity for incredible stability in all terrains. 

  • Provides an attachment point on both sides of the axle which prevents bends commonly associated with other designs.

  • 1/2" Stainless Steel axles hold more than you can tote. 

Split Axle Design

Attention To Detail

  • Stainless axle and pivot bolt

  • Heavy Duty Stainless Ratchet Straps

  • Quiet, spring supported safety pin

  • Greaseable thrust bearings

Attention To Detail
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